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Taking Good Care of Your Skin

Your skin is important because it defends your body from infection as well as excessive water. It insulates your organs from the elements by helping your body regulate temperature. The skin itself is considered an organ; indeed, your skin is the biggest organ in your body. You can be healthier by taking good care of your skin.

A healthy diet is one thing that contributes to good skin care. Be sure and drink about eight cups of water a day. Your diet should include a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Remember that what goes in your body is transferred to the outside.

Be sure to protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreen that offers UVA and UVB protection. Wearing sunscreen can also save you from unattractive wrinkles. Use a good facial cleanser at least twice a day and follow it up with a moisturizer. Remove makeup before you go to bed so your skin has a chance to breathe.

No matter how careful you are you can still end up with a skin condition. You should know what to look for in case you need the help of DC dermatology experts. Common skin conditions include acne, premature wrinkles, age spots, skin tags, and spots on the skin. They may be itchy or even painful. If your skin is itchy and red and dry and flaky check to see it is inflamed. You may be experiencing dermatitis as a result of items your skin has touched. Other things to look for are cracking skins, weeping sores or water blisters.

If you see anything on your skin that causes you to worry, don’t waste time fretting about it. See your general care physician. It is important to see your personal physician first before you see a dermatologist. That way, you can make sure your insurance company pays for it. Additionally, your physician might be able to treat the problem himself. If your physician is unable to treat your condition, he can refer you to a trusted Washington DC Dermatologist.

Your skin takes good care of you for your entire life. You need to take care of your skin so it continues to do a good job. Follow the advice provided in this article so you and your skin will be effective lifelong partners.

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